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Defender of Brands is not just a clever tag line,
it is how Gargoyle’s team treats every private label customer we service.

We are always asked why the name Gargoyle Storage and Distribution. The truth is that Gargoyles are mythic creatures of old that guarded important and sacred spaces. We at Gargoyle Storage and Distribution take that old world myth to heart when protecting your food products in our FDA registered SQFII certified facility.

At first glance, Gargoyle Storage and Distribution appears to be just a public food storage and distribution company. While that is all true, we are so much more. In 2012 Gargoyle built an edible oil packing facility to supply the institutional and wholesale distribution channels with superior quality oils. During the time between 2012 and today Gargoyle Storage and Distribution has packed organic, NON-GMO and conventional, extra virgin olive, pomace, avocado, sunflower, canola, rice bran oils for companies around the world.

The private label packaging portion of our business has continued to grow. In fall of 2016 we have made a commitment to supply retail private label products beginning with organic and refined coconut oils using a brand new packing line. Our private label packaging facility is SQFII, organic, and Kosher certified to package your raw material or our high quality edible oils into a variety of different package sizes for retail and institutional markets.

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